Park Attractions Robot Gastornis(Diatryma)-AFG001

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Robot Gastornis appears almost 100 million years later after dinosaurs, the height of diatryma about two meters, body length can reach 170 to 220 cm, Gastornis‘ body shape in the monster rampant after the dinosaur be considered relatively large. So what are their appearances? The overall image of the diatryma looks like an oversized hen, except they have a larger beak and a hook.

AFG001-Atracciones del parque Animales robóticos Gastornis from MCSDINO on Vimeo

  • Item: Park Attraction Robot Gastornis(Diatryma)-AFG001
  • Dimension:Length-1.8 m  Height-2.0 m
  • Materials: Anti-rust Steel Frame +CE Approved Motors+High Density Sponge+3 – 4 Layers of Silicone+Electronic Painting+Furs / Hairs
  • Movements: Mouth Open / Close/Synchronized Animal Sound/Head Turn Up / Down/Eyes Blink/Tail Swing/Neck Turn Left / Right/Abdominal breathing/Fins Swing/Front Claws Scratch/Ears Flap
  • Other optional movements: Neck wiggly/Spray water/Spray smoke/Tail wiggly/LED lighting eyes or mouth/Wings open/close/Body rotating moving/Tongue stretch / withdraw
  • Production time: Basically 30 Days. If customized sculpture or color requires extra days as per design
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