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Chinese Lantern is one of the Chinese cultural heritages. The lantern craftsman first needs to draw the detailed outline of the creature's shape on the ground, and then it is welded by the welding worker. And the lanterns are decorated with various materials and techniques, under the night, we see all kinds of creatures, and they emit dazzling light, and bright colors, This is a dreamy angle that makes visitors feel like they are in a fantasy world.  Currently, parks, shopping malls, and restaurant theaters have introduced Chinese lanterns. It carries the long-standing Chinese culture and the most beautiful landscape at night. 

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Panda Chinese Lantern festival-LT0003
  • $1,350.00
  • $1,290.00
Blooming Flower Lantern Animatronic Lamp-LT0002
  • $1,410.00
  • $1,270.00
Chameleon lantern Animal LED light Display- LT0001
  • $11,500.00
  • $9,230.00