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*Before Making Order All Buyers Should Know:

After We Sending You The Goods, Please Keep Your Phone Working Properly, Make Sure The Transport Company Can Contact You At Any time.Any Delivery Failure Caused By The Buyer's Reason, The Buyer Must Afford All The Loss.

*As different countries have different import regulations and requests, Before you buy these goods, you should contact your local customs to check if there are any requests for these goods.
*If your customs have any requests for these goods, please confirm you have the ability to do customs clearance. Make sure your customs will allow you to pick up goods when goods arriving at your seaport. Any delivery failure is caused by buyer's reason, the buyer must afford all the loss.

Upon cancellation of an order, refund of amounts or return of goods After buying the goods and paying for the bank, we will not accept the cancellation of the order.Goods received have unusual circumstances, please inform customer service staff and provide a photo of the received goods, we will help you to confirm the trivialities with our production department.

When requesting or issuing an order to avoid disputes.
The circumstances of the decision for an unusual product, only within seven days after receipt of the goods.The buyer needs to bear international transportation costs from the return/replacement of the goods

1. The customer will provide incorrect product request information
2. To cause a commodity damage because of the delivery method (you can help carry out a complaint to a logistics company, offer insurance for precious goods)
3. The customs cause causes the deposition of goods or the impossible delivery of goods
4. Customs duty of goods and other expenses from a customs point (such as customs clearance)