Large Artificial Banyan Evergreen Tree On Sale-CUS011

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This large artificial tree can be used indoor or outdoor, according to the real banyan size about 11 foot tall. You can decorate an indoor venue such as a restaurant, use it as a jungle landscape decoration, or place the artificial plant cover the pillars in the corner of the restaurant to make the whole environment more beautiful let your clients feel like stay in the garden. The artificial evergreen tree's trunk is very real, which can see the trunk lines, like the wrinkles of the tree slowly extending to the crown. The artificial tree landscape can also be used for outdoor decoration. This fake large outdoor tree is very durable and will not fade. Ideal for playgrounds or outdoor kids playground.

  • Item:Artificial Tree Plant On Sale-CUS011
  • Dimension:H-11' 6’' (3.5 m)
  • Canopy width: W- 10' 10'( 3.0 m)
  • Steel base:  3' 8''×3' 8'' (110 ×110 cm)
  • Trunk Material:Fiber glass + Galvanized steel
  • Leaf Material:Fabric

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