Halloween Product Props Animated Hell Scene-CUS010

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This Halloween animatronic props. Using skeleton and Zombies props describe the scene of the ninth layer of hell in the legend of China, the legendary thief who was judged in hell and then thrown into the hot oil for cooking. Two ghost servants, throwing the criminal into the oil pan, one responsible for flipping the oil, one for pulling the rope. The whole haunted house props are designed to be an immersive experience give visitors trembling feelings.

  • Item: Halloween Product Props Animated Hell Scene-CUS010
  • Dimension: L-2.2 m   H-2.0 m
  • Materials: Anti-rust Steel Frame +CE Approved Motors+High Density Sponge+3 – 4 Layers of Silicone+Electronic Painting
  • Movements: 1.Pyrotechnic effect  2.Pull the rope  3.Flip the oil
  • Production time: Basically 30 Days. If customized sculpture or color requires extra days as per design
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