Cute Egg Hatching Baby T-Rex Animatronic Replica-BB018

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Imagine giant Tyrannosaurus Rex grown up from a tiny little baby, MCSDINO designed the size of this cute little baby animatronic replica egg hatching baby T-Rex close to the similar size of very skinny turkeys,this newborn dinosaur baby curled up in the cracked eggshell,The bottom of the base of the eggshell is hidden with the electronic components, which can be used for charging. Display in various birthday parties or as a holiday prop. Press the start button, Its head looking around and cry for T-Rex Mum in the room,waves its claws in a circle. The hatched T-Rex egg looks highly detailed and handpainted. Use latex to make the little guy's teeth, making it look sharp but in fact very soft and safe.

  • Item: Animatronic Egg Hatching Baby T-Rex
  • Dimension:   L/W/H : 28'' (0.7 m) x 20''(0.5m) x 16''(0.4m)
  • N.W: 20 kgs
  • G.W: 50 kgs
  • Materials:FRP+Hand Drawing+silversteel+electronics components+control box
  • Movements: Dino Baby head left to right/ Mouth open and close with Dino baby sound/Claws move 

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