Coin Operated Dragon Amusement Ride Nightmare-RD038

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The baby nightmare ride is the newest kid amusement ride. this coin-operated dragon ride has an attractive appearance, bright painting color make it become one of the best sales of children rides.  After throw coin in the dragon, the player can ride on this baby nightmare, Hold the wheel drive the dragon turn right or left or ride in a circle.

  • Item: Coin Operated Dragon Amusement Ride Nightmare
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6'7''( 2m) x 28'' (0.7 m)x 3’(0.9m)
  • Packing Volume(LxWxH) 2.2 x 0.8 x1.2 = 2.2 m³
  • Age Range: ≥  3 Years
  • N.W: 66-90 lbs(30-40 kgs)
  • G.W: 200-220 lbs(90-100 kgs)
  • Speed: 2-20 mph
  • Max Load:220 lbs(100 kgs) 
  • Capacity: 1-2 seats
  • Battery: 12V 20Ah
  • Charger:1.8A
  • Dual Control: Remote Control & Coin Control & Foot Pedal Control
  • Lead time: Within 20-30 days or depending on order quantity
  • Movements: The rear drive of the motor glide forward, back, and turn around.
  • Optional: LED lighting eyes/Whole body with LED light glint/ dino head movement.

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