Amusement Machine Lion Ride-RD011

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Amusement machine lion ride is a type of amusement ride in the shape of an animal. This lion amusement machine is MOST popular in the amusement parks, Fairground, Street fairs, Funfair, Fetes, and kids playland, any age group loves this lion ride. which has music in the control box to play songs, attractive kids. Base on the animatronic lion we install two seat ladder with safety belts and put a trunk ladder aside it. To let the kids and adult can easily ride it. This lion ride will bring traffic to your retail store, bring happiness to your clients. People all will remember this nice animatronic attraction and your business in a long time.

  • Item: Amusement Machine Lion Ride-RD011
  • Dimensions 9.19 ft /2.8 m Length
  • N.W:80-120 kgs
  • G.W:180-200 kgs
  • Max Load:150 kgs. 1Kids +1 Adult 
  • Capacity: 1-2 seats(normal 1 seat)
  • Power: 110/220V 50/60Hz
  • Dual Control: Remote Control & Coin Control
  • Plug: Euro plug / British Standard / SAA / C-UL / Depending on the standard of your country
  • Movement of the animal ride:-Head move /Mouth opens and closes synchronic with sound/Eyes blink /Body swing back and forth

Animal Ride Accessories:

  • Coin Acceptor/Bill Acceptor
  • Control Box
  • Speaker
  • Saddle
  • Safe Belt
  • Trunk Ladder
  • Installation and maintenance manual 

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