Snake Puppet Snake Ideas Props For Party-BB021

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Best haunted house snake prop! This party prop star, shoulder around snake puppet is made in accordance with the shape of the Cerastes cerastes. The puppet can be wrapped around the shoulders and the body. With the hand's stitching controlling the mouth movement of the snake, this can be used with or without the Bird Arm. illusion, the snake could be any color and size.   

  • Item: Snake Puppet Snake Ideas Props For Party-BB021
  • Dimension: Length-6‘7'’(2 m)  
  • Packing Size: L/W/H=0.7 m*0.4 m*0.32 m=0.09 m³
  • N.W:   9 lbs(4 Kgs)
  • G.W: 17 lbs (8 kgs)
  • Materials:High Density Sponge /Mechanical frame/ 3-4 layers Silicone/ Hand Drawing
  • Sized to fit adults.
  • Movements: Mouth open and close with snake sound/Neck move.

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