Cute Triceratops Car Ride On Dinosaur-RD019

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Riding the dinosaur around the street, the cute Triceratops car made by MCSDINO provides a wonderful dinosaur adventure in the playground. This dinosaur riding scooter is built from the appearance of the Baby Triceratops. The dinosaur equipment skin is rich in details children like its green skin, sliding speed can be adjusted, the pedal control device can protect riders safety. The mechanical structure of the electric Triceratops dinosaur car is stainless steel frame artificial welding, very durable. The electronic components of the dinosaur car and the control box are all independently developed by MCSDINO. For 8 hours of charging and use lasting 4 hours.  Bring a wonderful ride to Jurassic Park for your theme park or game center.
  • Item: Cute Triceratops Car Ride On Dinosaur
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6'7''( 2m) x 28'' (0.7 m)x 27’'(0.7 m)
  • Packing Volume(LxWxH) 2.2 x 0.8 x1.2 = 2.2 m³
  • Age Range: ≥  3 Years
  • N.W: 66-90 lbs(30-40 kgs)
  • G.W: 200-220 lbs(90-100 kgs) 
  • Speed: 2-20 mph
  • Max Load:220 lbs(100 kgs) 
  • Capacity: 1-2 seats
  • Battery: 12V 20Ah  
  • Charger:1.8A 
  • Dual Control: Remote Control & Coin Control & Foot Pedal Control
  • Lead time: Within 20-30 days or depending on order quantity
  • Movements: The rear drive of the motor glide forward, back, and turn around.
  • Optional: LED lighting eyes/Whole body with LED light glint/ dino head movement. 

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