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MCSDINO is a workshop full of talented monster makers. Providing customize giant animatronic ancient animals models for sale. Crafting robotic animals are a complex process. First, we need to understand the bone structure of prehistoric animals and a large number of restoration sketches for references, get accurate data from local museum paleontologists, and then we will communicate according to the specific needs of customers, get the actual size required for the exhibition, the design of mechanical movements, and Appearance color requirements. Ice Age Animal Show is one of the iconic prehistoric creatures(Woolly Rhino ModelMammoth ModelSaber Tooth Tiger ModelTerror BirdMacrauchenia model) exhibition topics. We hope those giant animal models could let people go back in time when they had been ever walked on earth. What made the animatronic beasts exhibits viable to tourism industry landscape?There are not only important for science education but also provide a lot of fun to the visitors.  

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Cave Hyena Animatronic Beast-AFC005
  • $4,220.00
  • $3,980.00
Giant Ice Age Bison latifrons Animatronic Beast-AFB002
  • $8,230.00
  • $8,100.00
Realistic Cave Bear Animatronic Model-AFC003
  • $5,100.00
  • $4,810.00
Handcrafted Robot Cave Lion Model
  • $4,920.00
  • $4,520.00
Museum Exhibit Realistic Woolly Rhino(Coelodonta) Model-AFC001A
  • $6,200.00
  • $5,960.00
Ice Age Animatronic Woolly Mammoth Model-AFW001B
  • $5,800.00
  • $5,480.00
Museum Quality Woolly Mammoth Model For Sale-AFW001A
  • $8,200.00
  • $7,920.00
Prehistoric Beasts Giant Lizard Megalania Model-AFM003
  • $5,120.00
  • $4,920.00
Realistic Animatronic Smilodon(Saber Tooth Tiger)Model-AFS001A
  • $4,300.00
  • $4,010.00
Animatronic Doedicurus Model-AFD005
  • $5,100.00
  • $4,920.00
Prehistoric Titanis Walleri Model Terror Bird Statue-AFT001A
  • $5,800.00
  • $5,470.00
Animatronic Equus Magnu Ancestor Of The Horse-AFE001
  • $6,100.00
  • $5,470.00