Kiddie Rides Toothless Dragon Rides -RD032

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New dragon kiddie rides are coming! As a dragon fighter rides on a mechanical animatronic dragon, they wait for instructions, a very appealing mechanical equipment, toothless ride for children's playgrounds, a 3-second way to get you tame the dragon. 
  • Item: Kiddie Rides Toothless Dragon Rides -RD032
  • Dimensions 9.84 ft /3.0 m Length 
  • Kiddie Rides Power: 110/220V 50/60Hz
  • Plug:  Euro plug / British Standard / SAA / C-UL / Depending on standard of your country
  • Lead time: Within 20-30 days or depending on order quantity
  • Dragon Ride Maximum loadable weight:Holds up to 200 kgs. Kids And Adult can ride together.
  • Movement  Of The Dragon: head: right / left -Mouth: opens and closes -eyes: blink -torso:  -tail: wags -sound: roar -Body:Sway
  • Kiddie Rides Accessories: Game coins/Chair or saddle for riding/Leather cushion/Installation and maintenance manual/Safe belt/
  • Suit for: dragon ride for park, events show using dragon equipment, ride on a dragon game in adventure park, outdoor/Indoor playground, escape room, school activities prop, educational event, mall, etc 
  • SHIPPING: SUPPORT GLOBAL SHIPMENTS! All of the dragon rides are not inculding shipping charge. Please contact customer service to modify the freight price. We will provide the most cost-effective transportation plan for you.
  • After-sales service: 1.24/7 service  2.Warranty period 12 months 3. Lifetime maintenance online guidance and counseling.