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During the restoration of the paleontological models of the Ice Age, the appearance of the Macrauchenia beast is very strange, similar to the camel, but there is no hump.  This the prehistoric animatronic animal model is based on the recent paleontological discovery, its characteristics are the long nose, three toes, Paying attention to these details, we refer to the Ice Age documentary, and set the natural creature structure in the action programming part of the nose. The whole head structure is very flexible. To present the realistic appearance of the Macrauchenia in the prehistoric era of South America.
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  • Item:Ice Age Model Macrauchenia Model-AFM001
  • Scale: 1:1
  • Product Size: Approximately 10'   L  ( 3.0 m) *
  • Materials: High Density ( ‎≥2.0) Foam+ Rust Prevention Treated Steel+CE motors+Mixed acrylic and silicone paint+3-4 layer waterproofing pain
  • Movements: Head move/ Mouth open and close with sound/Nose sway/Neck up and down
  • Production time: Basically 30-35 Days.
  • Offer various delivery options for our clients. Support global shipping! By Air/Express/Sea/Door to door transportation solutions.

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