Giant Statue Ammonites Model For Sale-BFA001

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Statue ammonite model for sale.  According to the scientific discovery, ammonite is not a living animal but an extinct marine invertebrate that survives in the Devonian to Cretaceous. The ammonite's surface usually has similar chrysanthemum lines.
  • Item:Giant Statue Ammonites Model For Sale-BFA001
  • Dimension:Length-2.0 m Height-2.0 m
  • Materials: FRP
  • Made of durable resin FRP, this Dinosaur chair is weather resistant for years of long-lasting beauty
  • Production time: Basically 20 Days. If customized sculpture or color requires extra days as per design
  • SHIPPING NOTICE! SUPPORT GLOBAL SHIPMENTS!All of the goods are not including shipping cost. Please contact customer service to modify the freight price. We will provide the most cost-effective transportation plan for you.Simulated Monster Creatures Animatronic Model

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