Dinosaur Fossil Replica For Sale Pteranodon-SKP012

$ 2,160.00

Museum quality dinosaur fossil replica for sale, this pteranodon replica has 3 meters long wingspan, which is using a real fossil mold, It has all details to show all the features of the original this is a female pterosaur. We use the very thin and safe wires to suspend the dinosaur skeleton, not only for scientific exhibitions but also for home decors like ceilings or your backyard.

Fósil de dinosaurio réplica a la venta Pteranodon-SKP012 from MCSDINO on Vimeo.

  • Item: SKP012
  • Dimension: L- 3 m Wingspan
  • Museum quality dinosaur fossil replica
  • Materials: Made of durable fiberglass with steel support
  • Movements: Static Or Dynamic 
  • Production time: Basically 30 Days. If customized sculpture or color requires extra days as per design
  • Accessories: -Installation Manual -Assemble Accessories -Assemble Tools -Spare Materials -Maintenance & Repair Materials.
  • Suit for: Perfect gift for the dinosaur enthusiast and home decor or playground grassplot decoration. Perfect for the museum, home decoration and more.dinosaur fossil replica mcsdino

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