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Unveil the Magic of the Talking Tree Animatronic-CUTT001

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Discover the magic with our 1.5m Talking Tree Animatronic, a captivating addition to any event, Halloween, or mythical-themed decor. Crafted for enchantment, this animatronic marvel features lifelike eye and eyebrow movements, along with a swaying trunk, creating an interactive experience that will bewitch your guests. Perfect for those seeking to immerse themselves in a world of wonder, this talking tree blends seamlessly into any setting, making it an unforgettable highlight. Whether for awe-inspiring event entertainment or adding a touch of the mystical to your space, our Talking Tree Animatronic promises to transform your environment into an enchanting storybook scene. 

  • Unveil the Magic of the Talking Tree Animatronic-CUTT001
  • DIMENSION:  LWH= 1.1x0.9x1.5 m
  • Power Options: 110/220 Volt system.
  • Materials: High-density sponge+ Silicone glue+Acrylic paint+ Silversteel+Servo motors+Electronics components+PCB interface
  • Movements: Mouth open and close+Branchs move+Eyes blink+Eyeballs moving+Nose Moving+Songs/Stories.

Accessories Included 

  • Speaker
  • Control Box
  • Power Cable
  • IR sensor
  • Spare parts

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