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Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Hide In The Cave Aniamtronic Scene-OTD019

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According to the client's groundbreaking design, we need to make a 3.2m(10ft) tall animatronic tyrannosaurus waving its huge body roaring out from the cave.T-Rex is hiding in the cave waiting for a chance to hunting its prey. In addition to the animatronic T-Rex puppet has to be fierce and scare people, we need focused on creating the cave prop, the artificial rock has the moss color effect, embellish the artificial plant on the cave and the base. This mechanical Tyrannosaurus is not full size, it without the tail. Because the entire animatronic landscape we need to be placed against the wall. The entire animatronic dinosaur scene design height 3.3 m(11ft) high, width 1.1 m(4ft), overall length 2.5 m(8ft). In order to facilitate the transportation for client's Dinosaur tour show. We have ingeniously designed the caves hidden by dinosaurs. Similar to the frame of the tent, we have added telescopic brackets. The height can be shortened to 2.3m, and the body of the mechanical Tyrannosaurus and the rock base are detachable. Bring the Jurassic adventure a new experience! 

  • Item: Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Hide In The Cave Aniamtronic Scene-OTD019
  • Dimension:L-2.5 m(8ft)  /W-1.1 m(4ft) / H-3.3 m(11ft)
  • Power Options: 110/220 Volt system.
  • Materials: Silver steel+Polyurethane Foam+Silicone Glue+Acrylic Painting+Servo Motors+Electronic components+PCB interface+More Handcrafted parts
  • Movements: Head left to right /Neck up and down/ Eyes blink/Forelimbs moving

Accessories Included

  • Speaker
  • Control Box
  • Power Cable
  • IR Sensor
  • Spare Parts
  • Repair Kits

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    hour, and “Mom, I want to help”.

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