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Animatronic Bellusaurus Dinosaur Model-MCSB001

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This is an epic China Dinosaur model. At the Jurassic exhibition, Displaying an animatronic Bellusaurus arouses all kinds of interest. Bellusaurus is a small true sauropod dinosaur. For ordinary visitors, they will be shocked when they see the skeleton of a dinosaur unearthed by scientists. There is another vivid restoration image giant prop. It will increase the visual experience and understand of the dinosaurs in a three-dimensional way. The dinosaurs that once dominated the earth have left modern people with many magnificent dreams.

  • Animatronic Bellusaurus Dinosaur Model-MCSB001 
  • DIMENSION:   L-8 m  W-1.3m  H-2.8m 
  • Power Options: 110/220 Volt system.
  • Materials: High-density sponge+ Silicone glue+Acrylic paint+ Silversteel+Servo motors+Electronics components+PCB interface
  • Movements: IR sensor trigger to start movements (Mouth open and close with Dinosaur sounds/Head move/Neck up and down/Belly breath/Tail sway)
  • Other Option: Pneumatic Control/ Mouth movements sync with sound effects/Coin Adaptor operated.  
  • Made to order Any Species Dinosaur or Monster Creatures Animatronic Models.

Accessories Included 

  • Speaker
  • Control Box
  • Power Cable
  • IR sensor
  • Spare parts

  • Easy Care

    Stands up to play time, craft

    hour, and “Mom, I want to help”.

  • 4-Way Stretch

    Send them to recess

    without worry.

  • 1,000+ 5 Star Reviews

    Trusted by parents all

    over the country.

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