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MCSDINO offers custom service (custom order or client designed), In addition to our full catalog of animatronics creatures,Halloween props, walking costumes, hand puppets, skeleton replicas, fiberglass sculptures, displays.We have designed and created a vast variety of custom characters, and modified already existing characters with size, appearance, skin texture, feathers, special paint color, movements functions, sound and other according to the other requirements. A range of custom design and creative service options to suit your needs.

  • Props Design Service
    Our artists can according to your sketches,reference pictures or models confirm details,then we do custom built work, bringing your idea to life.Browse through our already existing catalogs to get an idea of what we do and then tell us a detailed description of your project idea or direction.  

  • Modifications
    We support modifying our already existing products to fit your performing or exhibiting needs in order to save time and money. There is usually an additional charge for all modifications.

  • Customize Movements
    In order to meet the requirements of different theatre shows or park exhibitions, we support the movement design of  the props. For example, according to the specific time of the performance, the exhibits need to make specific movements,like neck wiggly, upper body movement, body rotating, tongue stretch, and additional spit water,spray fire, smoke, and LED lighting effects, etc.

  • Customize paint jobs
    To support your creative ideas, we offer custom paint jobs on all of our products for free. and to protect your business, we will only provide different color products in same city, that means you don't need worry your competitor and will get a good marketing environment to get big show events.
  • Customize sound
    We can offer custom soundtracks for your customized design props, for your specific event needs,we will try our best working on making the animatronics or puppets  get perfect performing effects.  

The details of some custom-made work and pricing.
For custom costume or puppets work, we need to get your height, your arm length. and for the animatronics, we need to know the rough size you need , we can build any type of animatronic creature, in any color any size.

Contact us about to get a quote on our custom design work by email mcsdino@gmail.com Translate your wildest dream into
magic reality!

Check our gallery below for a sample of our work!

Customized animatronic Dinosaur work
customized animatronic Dinosaur work

Customized Halloween props work
Customized Halloween props work

Customized hand puppet work
custom dinosaur hand puppet work by mcsdino

Customized creature costume
Customized creature costume

Customized fiberglass sculpture-ice skating helper
customized fiberglass sculpture-ice skating helper

Customized animatronic creatures

customized animatronic creatures-mcsdino