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Baby dinosaur arm puppets or dragon hand puppets are the hotcakes and recommended for the school events and stage show.  Measures about 1 meter or longer (from head to tail). Dinosaur puppets like this are not only adorable- they're educational as well. Mouths and hands of the puppets are very easy to move. Simply insert your hand up the side of the puppet. Your pinky and thumb can be inserted into the slots on the inside of the body to operate the hands. Also, we provide living puppets sale service, rhino puppetsnake arm puppets,  the animatronic eggs, some static FRP eggs for people taking photos. These will add various kinds of funny elements decorated the baby dinosaur puppet show. 

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Baby Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Puppet-BB059
  • $930.00
  • $790.00
Brand New T-Rex Head Puppet Break Out The Wall-BB058
  • $2,880.00
  • $2,460.00
Lifesize Pink Baby Triceratops Hand Puppet-BB057
  • $820.00
  • $780.00
Flying Pterodactyl Rod Puppet-BB056
  • $2,100.00
  • $1,520.00
Animatronic Dinosaur Egg Hatching Mamenchisaurus Baby-BB055
  • $2,990.00
  • $2,890.00
Brachiosaurus Head Prop Dinosaur Wall Decor-BB054
  • $4,120.00
  • $3,810.00
Feathered Raptor Puppet In Arms Carry Posture-BB052
  • $1,380.00
  • $1,200.00
Customized Dinosaur Color Triceratops Hand Puppet-BB051
  • $810.00
  • $780.00
Innovative Baby Raptor Puppet Fake Arm Illusion-BB050
  • $970.00
  • $850.00
Animated Hatching Fire Dragon Egg-BB049
  • $1,980.00
  • $1,600.00
Hand Made Hatching Blue Dragon In Egg Incubation-BB048
  • $1,980.00
  • $1,600.00
Dragon Egg Animatronic Hatching Green Baby Dragon-BB047
  • $1,980.00
  • $1,600.00