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making game of throne dragon costume

Game Of Throne Realistic Adult Dragon Costume For Halloween

What do you most want to wear in the various costumes of Halloween? We can give you a new choice! You can choose to be transformed into a dragon or to become the mother of the dragon in the game of throne. We can help you complete this role-playing, help you create medieval fantasies creatures, with providing the most realistic adult dragon costumes in our store.
adult dragon costume design
It takes about a month to make a dragon suit that needs 12 steps made everything by hand and this makes the process slow and expensive. One of the most important engraving procedures requires sculptors to refer to a large number of paintings and books about dragons to master the musculoskeletal structure of the entire dragon. We even need to build a fictional fantasy world for the dragon's clothing. According to various myths, we envision that the fantastic creature belongs to which branches? the western dragon? Flying dragon? Oriental dragon? We believe that dragon costume patterns should be rich and varied, and should reflect the different characters of the dragon in design. They are like human beings, and there are evil and kind dragons, which can be reflected from the skin color of realistic dragon costume.

adult dragon costume making process

Game Of Throne Realistic Adult Dragon Costume For Halloween

In the shape of the dragon costume, in addition to the skin color, we like to give this magical creature more features, such as dragon costume wings that can be flapped, such as sharp spines extending from the head to the tail. Different roaring voices express the dragon's angry or Peace and humming or looking for a partner's voice. Bring the audience a vivid and immersive epic magnificent experience.
Game Of Throne Realistic Adult Dragon Costume For Halloween
MCSDINO insist that dragon costume should be designed for your show performance. The story of the DragonCon costume ideas can be like this. There is a violent dragon living somewhere. The king’s daughter was chosen as a sacrifice and sent to the dragon as a gift. On the edge of the swamp, a heroic knight happened to pass by. He waved his sword and slammed the head of the dragon. The bloody land of the dragon became a whole red rose garden. according to the storytelling, The dragon costume we designed is red in color, like a tangled flame. The violent temper makes it emit a thick smoke in its mouth. The performer can control flapping wings and roaring with spraying smoke to show the dragon’s anger that wants to tear the knight into pieces.
Game Of Throne Realistic Adult Dragon Costume For Halloween
By so far,we have successfully helped event companies and exhibition companies to produce and design, adult blue dragon costumes, adult green dragon costumes, and adult red dragon costumes. We will continue to enrich our product line, expand the dragon puppets and more creative products. Yes, we are on this road that provides more fantasy costumes for your Halloween. Contact us have your own game of thrones dragon costume.


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