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dinosaur show in song cheng

Dinosaur Show In Song Cheng Theatre

Now a special event is coming up with a unique Dinosaur Stage Show " WA DINOSAURS"  in Hangzhou, China. The stunning Dinosaur show was put on by Songcheng Performing Arts Group. Songcheng Park, of course, is the most popular theme park in mainland China.

The show tells the story of a group of mad scientists, who resurrects his Troodon Abu and Dinosaur species friends in the modern age, using a technology called the “Resurrection Machine.” and those Dinosaurs and with their human being friends start a fantastic adventure.

The particular beauty of the robotic dinosaurs that MCSDINO has created is the individual personalities that each one possesses.

The largest Dinosaur is a giant walking Brachiosaurus costume. This Dinosaur takes three people inside the costume to operate it. Complete training was provided to the theatre group members on how to do this. 

Our team also designed flying Pterosaurs operated by a rod puppet system, and then of course the animatronic models. By looking first at what is required of each “character” they designed it using the best technology for the job, whether that be animatronics, rod puppets, arm puppets, or giant costumes with people inside.

MCSDINO is able to bring the stories to life by being there from the very start of the project and through consultation with the performance company.

The show lasts thirty-minutes and is packed with action, and color, which together with the soundtrack creates a vibrant and exciting performance for all age groups.

The long-term fascination that children have with Dinosaurs has been shown to be a very positive interest and it introduces children to natural history and the timeline of the planet. They get to appreciate the amazing creatures that existed long before man came along.
dinosaur show in song cheng park
Public expectations are so much greater now and MCSDINO is at the forefront of the business and constantly innovating new ideas.

Putting on such a technically challenging show would overwhelm many organizations, but the Songcheng Performing Arts Group chose to bring in MCSDINO, a specialist supplier of bespoke animatronics and entertainment robots, who also supply walk around costumes, and puppets.

Working as partners committed to the success of the show MCSDINO professionals came to the theatre to assist the actors at rehearsals and to fine-tune the costumes and puppets.
testing dinosaur costume
MCSDINO is one of the premier prop makers in China that manufacture Animatronic Creatures. The company takes the very beginnings of an idea, presented by the client, and takes the project from these early concepts through to final completion.

Globally, very few companies have the same diversity of skills offered by MCSDINO’s 20 team members, which includes sculptors, painters, garden designers, fitters, and a consulting paleontologist.
testing dinosaur suit-mcsdino
If we think back to the Dinosaur Show Walking With Dinosaurs in Sydney, way back in 2007 where really expensive Dinosaur models and spectacular walkaround suits and animatronics which made by GlobalCreatures and Creature Technology Company, they created such a stir and compare them to the state-of-the-art constructions from MCSDINO, we can see both the longevity of the interest in Dinosaurs, an evergreen with children through the years), and how expectations have progressed. I can only imagine how the children would have reacted to the Dinosaur show created in Hangzhou by MCSDINO and the Songcheng Performing Arts Group.
dinosaur show in song cheng hangzhou
Songcheng Performing Arts Group had special requirements for their show and MCSDINO was able to meet those requirements, providing each model with the correct movements so that the story could be told. The company can fully customize the animation properties of every model in a variety of ways that suit the storyline.
dinosaur show in song cheng hangzhou
As show Directors and Event Organizers you have a picture in your mind of what you want to achieve as part of your exhibit or performance. You simply discuss with us your ideas and our specialist team can bring your exact requirements to live in a variety of ways, and to suit any budget.

We do so much more than building the models, as experts in this field we provide support by working with your staff to make maximum use form the models, carrying-out size adjustments, and training as required.

As a Global company, we have worked on projects in The United States, Russia, and across Europe, as well as more locally. If you have a concept you would like to discuss, we can offer a no-obligation consultation to help you bring your ideas to life.  

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