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customized halloween props-haunted props

Customized Halloween Props-MCSDINO

During special events or special occasions,like Halloween and Christmas seasons, people put up many fancy decorations or displays. We tend to make our sets fun and exciting for people to see. In malls and other public attractions, We put up attraction props, creature puppets and animation displays to attract more people. Attraction adds value and presentation to your place. MCSDINO offer high quality and excellent services.

What is MCSDINO?
MCSDINO is an excellent company that specializes in creation and installation of creature puppets design, walking Halloween costumes, Halloween props, customized Halloween props, Halloween animatronic attraction. We can provide a high quality service working on concepts and layout designs for your desired type of exhibitions like Dinosaur and animal displays. We can also work on your Christmas animatronic shows and walking dinosaur suits. We can also provide a quality service on animal hand puppets. This services can be shipped or installed on the spot at competitive prices.

MCSDINO passionate and world class experts offers a wide range of services like walking Halloween costume,Halloween props,customized Halloween props and animatronic attractions. Our walking Halloween costumes, Halloween props and customized Halloween props can create a perfectly realistic and terrifying experience. We guarantee that every pieces of details and specifications of our customized Halloween props and walking Halloween costume make a fulfilling event. Our  Halloween animatronic attractions are also perfectly designed for a great and satisfying event. We make simple exhibits turn into a wonderful and grand type of exhibition.

customized animatronic Gargoyle-halloween haunted propsWhy should you choose MCSDINO?

1. High quality service
MCSDINO provides a full-service layouts, customized Halloween props, animatronics attractions that are build-to-order. We also provide premium walking Halloween costumes and creatures. MCSDINO hired many experts and professionals to ensure our high quality services. We will ensure a wonderful animation and exhibition services for your customers. The company will guarantee your Halloween event to be full of fun and fantasy.

MCSDINO, apart from walking Halloween costumes, Halloween props, and customized Halloween props, also provides a wide range of services in Jurassic themed animatronics. Some of our Jurassic theme animatronics are dinosaurs, walking dinosaur suits that are very lifelike. There are also amazing artificial dragon robots and other magic animal robots. MCSDINO takes pride on our services that can help you create a very realistic and lifelike exhibitions.

2. Fast and reliable

Along with our high quality standards, our speed in production is extremely fast. We can process your request order in as fast as 4 to 5 weeks. For extreme details and specifications, orders must be done in advance to be done and delivered to your event on time. MCSDINO features our fast and reliable shipping process which delivers your ordered item from our factory in Zigong.

3. Company like no other
MCSDINO has a team of experts and professionals that sets them apart from other company. We make sure that every masterpiece is a work that people will never forget. We are a team of passionate and highly-skilled workers. our realistic animatronic abilities will make your favorite monsters and animals stand out from other competitors. MCSDINO sets a world class quality in the field of animatronics.


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