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animatronic reindeer making process

Christmas Robotic Reindeer And Snowman Can Help Increase Sales

Many businesses especially shopping malls and homes are interested in installing unique decorative items to celebrate the festive season during Christmas. Traditionally in most parts of the world, Christmas is associated with snowfall, snowmen, Santa Claus and his reindeer. While keeping a live deer is usually not feasible for homes and businesses due to the expenses and regulations involved, they can now purchase a lifelike animatronic reindeer and snowman which is very realistic to decorate the shop or home. This will also attract more visitors and help to boost sales. One of the most reputed companies supplying animatronic reindeers is MCSdino.

Though the company name includes dino for dinosaurs, MCSdino is a Chinese company which has extensive experience in making a wide range of animatronic products for decor. We a skilled team which has worked with a large number of customers. Dinosaurs and other extinct animals are the popular themes for animatronic products with categories like the Dinosaur Kingdom based on real dinosaurs, creativity dinosaurs, Ice age land creatures, amusement park rides, and fossil replicas. There other categories of products available like puppets and eggs, fantasy creatures, insects, ice skating helper, and jungle forest creatures like animatronic tigers which can also be supplied on request. In addition to moving the parts of the body, we can also be made to walk.

Shopping malls are always looking for new ways to attract more visitors since they are likely to spend money at different shops in the mall. One of the most popular products is the shopping mall reindeer which is a lifelike replica of a real reindeer. Christmas is associated with Santa Claus riding on his reindeer and getting gifts for children, so children and their parents are likely to visit the mall to have a look at a realistic talking interactive reindeer. Mcsdino specializes in making a high-quality animatronic reindeer which is programmed according to the requirement of the customer.

The animatronic reindeer is made from metal so that it is strong and durable, can be used for many years. It is also lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to another. Synthetic fur used is similar to the real fur and its color can be adjusted as required. The antlers are made from urethane. The reindeer is designed for outdoor use and will withstand all weather conditions including snow. In the ambient mode, the animated reindeer which is supplied with a feed bucket will be eating the food from the bucket, shaking, scratching, rubbing antlers on the feed post so that it appears to be real.
animatronic reindeer making process
The entire reindeer is electrical and required a power supply connection. The animatronic reindeer has an electronic controller with audio, speakers, and logic programmed based on the requirement of the customer. The movements of the reindeer are controlled using servo drives and actuators at a voltage of 12 volt DC. The customer has to specify the movements which the reindeer will make, also the sounds or sentences it will say and how it will interact with visitors. MCSdino will program the reindeer accordingly, and provide a video. The reindeer can be directly installed and used, no additional programming is required. 

The different parts of the animatronic reindeer like the eyes, mouth, neck, ears, shoulders, the head can be made to move in a number of directions like up, down, right, left and the speed of movement can also be adjusted according to the requirement of the buyer. The animatronic reindeer can be used for a number of applications by shopping malls, amusement parks, and other applications, like entertaining the visitors. It is also interactive and can be used to play popular songs on request. Remote control is also available if required to change the functioning of the animatronic reindeer if required.

The animatronic snowman is another Christmas decor item which is available from Mcsdino which shopping malls, hotels, and other businesses can use to increase the number of visitors. The snowman is built to look like a real snowman with white synthetic waterproof fur being used to replicate ice. Typically the height of the snowman is six feet, though smaller snowmen may also be provided based on the customer requirement. The features of the snowman will make him look cheerful all the time and a scarf is provided to give a realistic touch. The snowman is designed for outdoor use in all weather conditions.
animatronic snowman making process
Like the animatronic reindeer, the snowman is also programmable with the voice, movement, and interaction customized as required by the customer. It is possible for the snowman to open and close its mouth, move its head and neck in a particular direction, tilt its head forward and backward. It is also possible to raise and lower the right or left hand or both the hands of the snowman as required. The torso of the animatronic snowman can also be rotated in a particular direction. The logic is programmed in the electronics board inside, actuators for movement and speakers are provided for audio.

In many shopping malls and other retail businesses, there is a greeter who will welcome visitors. The snowman can be programmed to greet the visitors, so the business can save money in staff expenses, salaries. The snowman can also be programmed to be interactive, and answer the questions asked by the visitors, like the directions to the various stores. It can also inform the visitors of the various discounts, promotions which are available and any contests in the store. It can be used to entertain children by singing a song or telling a story which they request.

If required, the robotic reindeer and snowman can be programmed to take selfies and photographs of the visitors especially children who like talking toys. For any business, the animatronic reindeer or snowman can greatly help in social media marketing and promotions, since many families, especially those with children will like to check it out. Having an animatronic snowman will also help in attracting traffic since the shopping mall, recreational park or hotel can mention it on their blog as one of the many entertainment facilities which are available so that children and others enjoy themselves.

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