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mcsdino team at yading code muscial

Yading Code Musical Props Case

This summer, visitors of the Daocheng Yading will have a chance to witness a once-in-a-lifetime theater event. Yading Theater. located at one of the most beautiful spots in the world. is the stage for the Yading Code musical. an astonishing large-scale production. The director of the show. visionary Liu Fanggi. created a fully immersive experience that challenges all senses of the audience. The play draws inspiration from He Ma's bestseller The Tibet Code. It creates a fantasy world rooted in tradition but featuring cutting-edge special effects and musical props.

Creating the World of Yading Code Musical
Of course, the production on this scale required nothing less than perfection in every aspect. Bringing this fantasy world to life is no easy task and we at MCSDINO were proud to provide our expertise and creativity to this spectacular project. Our team worked tirelessly with the director to restore the scenes from the original book.Designing every prop. puppet. and the show costume was a challenge for itself. Still. We enjoyed it greatly and took pride in being a part of this fantastic project. Our work to customize musical props for the show included some very demanding and complex pieces. Among others, giant copper men, inspired by the artistry of the traditional rod puppet shows. These 3.5 meters tall behemoths coming to life is one of the crucial moments of the play.However. as we worked to customize show puppet. We had to repeatedly adjust and modify it. Our team needed to make sure that the actors would feel comfortable and capable of producing the best possible performance. 
snow lepord prop
Those who have read the books know how big a role legendary Qilin plays in it. Creating this purple and gold animatronic beast took three months and the final result clearly shows it. The actors sit in the cabin beneath the float and operate this huge creature as it walks around swings its head, and blinks its eyes. The excitement in the audience as Qilin takes the stage is proof of the good work we've done.
wolf props for musical
Restoring the yaks vs the wolves fight was also quite a challenge. We needed to make these animals look realistic but also light and simple to operate. As the puppeteers had to wear a whole pack of wolves on each hand and simulate the attack and retreat. They had to be easy to maneuver
These are just some of the musical props we created for the show. AtMSCDINO.We designed numerous others as our contribution to the incredibly vivid and beautiful experience that the audience can now enjoy. A big part of our task was to make every show costume. puppet. and prop blend in seamlessly with the other stage effects. The production of the Yading Code musical also involves digitally controlled screens. holographic projections. and state-of-the-art 3D technology.

The Story
The Yading Code musical takes the audience on an exciting adventure through time and digs deep into Tibetan mythology. The culture; geography, and history of Tibet provide a background for the main storyline both in the original book and in the play.
The story revolves around the ancient legend of the Shambala Holy Land. More than a thousand years ago. The Tubo dynasty crumbled and left an enormous treasure behind. However. The loyal guardians managed to save these riches and move them to a spiritual place called Shambala. Here. They built the Pabala Temple and used it to hide the treasures from the world. For centuries. adventures from all over the world tried to find this mysterious place but failed again and again.
Back in the present day. We met our main protagonist. Zuo Mu Qiang Ba. He's a young man with a special interest in the Tibetan Mastiff. The plot begins to unravel as he receives an enigmatic letter with photos of the fabled Purple Qilin. This mysterious animal is the rarest mastiff of them all. believed by many to be only fictional. Qiang Ba and his friends embark on an adventure to search for mythical animals. unaware that a much bigger adventure lies ahead. Soon. Their pursuit takes them deep into the wilds of Tibet on a journey filled with dangers and unexpected twists. Our hero and his expedition found themselves in the mythical world of the Shabala Holy Land and in the middle of the centuries-old treasure hunt.
Mcsdino team in Yading Code Musical

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