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animatronic dinosaur stegosaurus


How to revive dinosaur (Stegosaurus)?Use of robotic devices to emulate a dinosaur, or bring lifelike characteristics to an inanimate dinosaur model. In dinosaur landscape project especially for Children's theme park or exhibition,The exact shape, the color of the skin and the design of the action are all very important.


 If we look at the trajectory of the dinosaurs restored more than 20 years ago, we will find that they are very different from the current restoration map. They are more like lizards. The constant discovery of paleontological fossils, including the efforts of scientists, makes dinosaurs more similar to what is now. Of course, this still does not rule out that with the further discovery of scientific clues, we will rewrite or even overthrow some of our current conclusions.

carving animatronic dinosaur

carving animatronic dinosaur

Restoring Animatronic Dinosaur Stegosaurus

Restoring Animatronic Dinosaur StegosaurusRestoring Animatronic Dinosaur Stegosaurus

The shape of the Animatronic Stegosaurus has obvious characteristics: curved back, backbone plate, limbs short stout, 17 fast giant leaf-like bone, the tail has four large spines at the end. For more photos and video please click the link:

We are similar to the detective of history, to find the ultimate truth of the true face of dinosaurs, our purpose is to tell a history. "The two species on Earth dominates. One is a dinosaur, one is mankind by wisdom and equipment, the dinosaurs are primitive, but the earth's dinosaurs are not as wantonly plundered and destroyed by human beings, the restoration of dinosaurs, the recovery of the dinosaurs on Earth, It is to let people look at the undamaged earth. The two situations of comparing the earth may bring some thoughts to human beings.


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