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animatronic insect mantis

The Creation of Giant Animatronic Insects| How It's Made

We received an order from the Changchun Botanical Garden and we needed to make a giant insect- A 3 meters long animatronic mantis. The whole process took 35 days. We captured 1 real pray mantis and designed it with reference to the real mantis’ hunting movements. Praying mantis goes near to the target quietly and when it reaches a good distance, it grabs a target with its forelimbs. The electronic dynamics of the machine, the installation of the motor and related chips, and the editing and debugging of the program, can make this huge insect model have a coherent action.

mantis sketches
After the mechanical frame is finished, the shaping work is carried out, using a sponge of 30 cm thickness. The assistant first completely wraps the whole machine system, and then the sculptor starts the detailed processing.

Giant Animatronic Insects Mantis Model

First Mantis Sculpting Process:
Giant Animatronic Insects Mantis Model

Second Skin Detail Processing
Giant Animatronic Insects Mantis Model
Third Skin Waterproof Processing

Finished Product After Painting.

Animatronic Insect Huge Mantis Testing:

Modelo gigante de insectos animatronic Mantis-BFM003 from MCSDINO on Vimeo.



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