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robotic animals


We received requests from Mr.Steve,he need us making robotic animals for his rainforest restaurant. With a very uniform jungle theme, chairs, bar tables, ceiling production style are full of tropical elements. 
robotic animals jungle theme
robotic animals jungle theme

All mechanical animals need to be decorated everywhere in the restaurant, The production requirements of the project require animatronic animals to be realistic allowing them to decorate with the jungle environment. bring joy to the visitors. mechanical elephants, gorillas, zebras, boa etc. Here is a list of them:
robotic animals in restaurant
We started the production of our mechanical creatures. First of all, we need to determine the size of the animal's mechanical parts according to the true proportions, and then program the motor at the corresponding location to program the mechanical structure, and then perform the overall appearance and skin treatment. The entire process requires about 30 days of production time. Our entire team is so exciting looking forward to this work.
animal sculpting
The decor inside restaurant will captivate clients as they step inside where the jungle comes alive with animatronic snakes, elephants, and gorillas. This is the perfect place where you can experience the amazing and lively jungle all around you. We want to help the customer's restaurant to be the perfect place to eat and have fun. Featuring a jungle-themed restaurant perfect for casual or fine dining. 
If you need to learn more about jungle theme, marine themes or custom creatures for your restaurant or resort, please contact us.

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