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meet the ultimate animatronic nine tailed fox

Meet the Ultimate Animatronic Hit - The Nine-Tailed Fox.

As we dive deeper and deeper into the pool of Eastern legends and myths, we can't help but wonder how it would be to experience these magical quests and adventures in today's real world. The gods, creatures, and whimsical landscapes from old can turn even the busiest and stressed-out adults into innocent children in awe of the unknown.

What if I told you there's a way to live these tales in real life? A wholesome and realistic approach to these legends is indeed possible, thanks to the advancements in animatronics. In this article, we will explore a little bit of the nine-tailed fox legend, and how we turned fantasy into a reality.

What Is The Origin Of The Nine-Tailed Fox?

We can trace back the origins of the nine-tailed fox legend in Chinese mythology as far as the 4th century BC. During the Han dynasty, our legend began, and it has acquired many names and interpretations since, such as:

* The Húli Jīng (fox spirit), in Chinese culture
* The Kitsune (fox), in Japanese culture, and
* The Gumiho (nine-tailed fox), in Korean culture

flocking fur-animatronic 9 tailed fox

All foxes are formidable shapeshifters, and (according to legend) they belong to the spiritual realm. Whenever they would turn into humans, their faces would still have a pointy nose and narrower eyes than usual, resembling the fox origins.

Nine-tailed foxes are magical creatures, naturally cunning, and can create fire and lightning at will. They can reach an impressive old age, making them remarkably wise about our universe.

There's even some reference to sun showers and their connection to nine-tailed foxes. People believe that whenever there's a sun shower, the fox marries the tiger. This union saddens the clouds because they're secretly in love with the fox, making them cry (but hidden away so no one could see them).

sewing process of animatronic 9 tailed fox

Our Animatronic Nine-Tailed Fox Modes

Our animatronic nine-tailed fox comes equipped with three different modes, which an operator can access via a control room using pushbuttons:

Mode #1 - Mouth Control With No Body Movement

In this mode, the fox stands still in its position while calmly talking to visitors making natural mouth movements as it speaks through the mic. Think of it as a god, peacefully resting as it hears the prayers from its people.

Mode #2 - In-Sync Mouth With Full Body Movement

In our second operating mode, the fox's mouth will move in-sync with what comes out from the mic, and its body will automatically move, as well. In this stage, the animatronic fox becomes more engaged with your prayers and petitions as it awakes from its slumber.

Mode #3 - Auto Playback Mode With Special Sound FXs

The final operating stage brings the possibility to pre-record six different lines, which the operator in the control room can select and combine with special sound effects. Ultimately, you will be able to create a unique and immersive experience with the divine animatronic nine-tailed fox.

How We Designed Our Nine-Tailed Fox

This one-of-a-kind escape room prop is a result of the inspiration from the ancient legend of a nine-tailed fox, a divine magical creature. The fox is both incredibly cunning and impressive at shapeshifting. The nine-tailed fox can transform into a stunning and majestic human, whom it traps within a wall picture.

sclupting 9 tailed fox
The mechanisms behind the fox's set of movements are all possible due to a sturdy and well-built frame. All nine tails can move in waves, and the fox's head can nod in agreement, activated by a sound.

When people seek the divine fox for prayers and petitions, the escape room owner can talk to them using the pushbuttons and the pre-defined set of movements.

Artistically, the nine-tailed fox came from beautiful illustrations combined with our master sculptor's finesse and creative genius. The design took two full months to finish and boasts a snowy white hue for the body matched with fiery red tails.

Where Can I Set The Nine-Tailed Fox?

If you own an escape room, a haunted house, an amusement park, or even if you organize and set private shows, then this animatronic nine-tailed fox must become your next big hit. There are endless scenarios and possibilities to create for this magical creature that will surely provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your family, friends, and visitors.

Combine appropriate lightning, matching sound effects, and themed venue decoration to bring this ancient legend of lore to life - consider it a good luck's charm to prepare for the challenges yet to come.

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