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raptor walking dinosaur costume


1. About the use of dinosaur costume props? 

Walking Dinosaur Entertainment for Dino Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Private Parties Schools and Classrooms Festivals and Cirus show more…you tell us. These dinosaur costume will allow us to be a good supplier to provide you with the most suitable dinosaur costume. Its outfit is also worn to showcase the performances that users wear as characters of actors, Cartoons, Movie, Heroes, Cultures, Organizations, Corporate Mascots and others for a Party event, Birthday Party, Mask Party, New Year, Anniversary Company, Exhibitions or performances in the show. The costume is now a basic requirement and must be owned by entrepreneurs, organizations, sports, schools, academics, and others.

2 Is the venue ready?

Although the skin of the walking dinosaur costume is water-resistant, we must consider the audience's feelings.  It is better to choose in good weather or shelter the audience, which will make the audience more comfortable. Of course, the interior is not bad, but there must be enough space, remember that our dinosaurs are 4m long and 2m high.

3.What are the popular dinosaur suits or models that people usually buy? 

T-Rex And Raptor And the Baby dinosaur puppets will be your first choice.  If you have ample budget options, the dinosaur ride and dinosaur skeleton replica are also nice choices, these can form a great interactive experience that combines fun with education. 

4.When can I get these animatronic dinosaurs?

MCS will help you ship the goods by sea(ship), Shipping by sea, the shipping cost is much cheaper than by air You can receive the goods within 15 days to 59 days. Different countries, different shipping time.

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