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Animatronic Dinosaurs Are a Popular Attraction In Theme Parks And Malls

People of all ages, especially children are fascinated by animals, hence zoos with different types of animals are extremely popular. Some zoo visitors are so fascinated by the animals that they enter the enclosure, resulting in injuries or death in some cases. Dinosaurs remain extremely popular though they are extinct, and the hit movies like Jurassic Park are an indication of the popularity of dinosaurs. Hence adding one or more animatronic dinosaur is one of the best ways to increase the number of visitors to any entertainment or shopping venue, since many people will visit the place just to have a look at the dinosaur.

Many families and individuals visit a circus to watch the artists and animals at the circus perform. Interacting with live animals can be risky for circus visitors since the animals are unpredictable and may attack the visitor. Hence the circus can purchase a realistic dinosaur robot that the children and other visitors to the circus can interact with safely, without any fear of injury. The dinosaur robots available have been manufactured after extensive research, consulting the paleontologist who researched the dinosaur fossils available to create robots that are very similar to the dinosaurs that existed thousands of years ago.

People visit a theme park to take a break from the daily routine and are interested in finding something new and different. Adding animatronic dinosaurs is one way to enhance the attractions in the theme park. There are a wide variety of dinosaurs, which can be used in different sections of the park. Tyrannosaurus, T-rex, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus are some of the land-based dinosaurs and they can be supplied doing different activities like foraging and fighting each other. For the water section or water park, the plesiosaur can be used, and for an aviation park he flying Pterosaur could be ordered.

Most families bring their children with them while shopping and ensuring that the children are entertained is a major challenge for the parents. Hence one of the considerations while choosing a shopping mall are the entertainment options for the children. Having even one animatronic dinosaur can attract a large number of children and keep them entertained and happy, as they interact with the dinosaur robot. The latest technology can be used to make the dinosaur look real since it can open and close its mouth, blink its eyes, move the neck up and down, from right to left and vice versa, sway its tail.

Conserving the environment is a major concern for countries worldwide and it is important to ensure that young children are also aware of how climate change, global warming can kill different species. Hence including the different species of dinosaurs in a kids' science museum are a very effective way of teaching the children about the various dinosaurs that existed on earth, thousands of years ago and were wiped out completely due to climate change. Though they were very big in size, the dinosaurs could not survive the environmental changes, so in addition to getting information about the different species, children will also learn about environmental conservation.

To ensure that the animatronic dinosaurs are realistic to touch, the skin of the creature is made from sponge leather, in a realistic or customized color. The size of the animatronic creature varies depending on the requirement of the customer. While dinosaur theme parks may require models based on the actual size of the dinosaur used, in restaurants, shopping malls, and other places, smaller animatronic dinosaurs can also be supplied. The features available in the animatronic dinosaur depend to some extent on the size of the creature, and more features like body rotating and moving are usually available in the large models which are more than five meters in length.

Some of the additional features available on request in the animatronic dinosaur are that it can be designed for emitting smoke or spraying water. The robot can be also programmed to make a specific sound, along with a movement like opening its mouth. The animatronic dinosaur can be controlled using a remote control, button, infrared controls, swipe card, or coin-operated mechanism. It is made from a steel frame, with four layers of sponge or foam, pigment and other components for a realistic look. For controls, motors, gears, flanges, and suitable electronics are provided. The animatronic dinosaur can be installed indoors or outdoors and can withstand rainfall, snow, and sunlight.

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