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raptor costume making process


How to make the appearance of the dinosaur costume more realistic?
How to make the performer wearing comfortable?
How to make your dinosaur costume exclusive?

To answer the above 3 questions, let us start with the details, first of
all, a dinosaur costume, it is more than just a costume, we hope that it
can give more performance to enhance the stage effect, also we hope that it
can be like a piece of clothing weight like you have some casual clothes on.
raptor costume details

Make the costume more real:
Appearance part: In addition to using 3D printing polymer fabric as its skin
, We made it looking more serious than usual, head, eyes, teeth.
dinosaur costume eyes- skins

The limb of each dinosaur species has different characteristics, the
quantities of claws from 5 to 1, this is another evidence of evolution

dinosaur costume claws

For the part of the cover legs dinosaur costume, we have the hidden zippers
inside, and we specially made the bare structure to make it Looks more
hidden dinosaur costume zipper
The complexity of coloring, because the new material once painted,it cannot be modified,   demanding high skills, which also requires the coating master
need deeply communicates with the customer to understand their needs and
dinosaur costume coating
Make the costume more comfortable:
Firstly we Increase the costume breathability. In addition to special
fabric as skin, we change the thick of sponge,from 500 mm to a 300 mm at
the same time increase the density of sponge, in order to improve the
sturdiness of the dinosaur skin, Adding the same treatment as the clothes,
sewing processing, especially the treatment of the edge portion, to prevent
tearing and falling off.
sew dinosaur costume
Then we use mechanical structure to reduce some of the brackets and increase
its stability, such as the circular structure of the tail. The dinosaur
suits are just as flexible and comfortable. Adding a waist support providing
a good support point for the waist and back. All of these are for one
aim, to help client release their sore shoulders after long time Dinosaur show
dinosaur costume mechanism
Make the costume exclusive:
We really want to communicate with our clients more about dinosaurs, so we are
willing to revisit recent Paleontology sciences. The original dinosaur manuscript,
shared with the customer, for the appearance of the dinosaur,
or the specific details. 

Your requires may like these:
I want my dinosaur to be a rock star!
Just give me a replica of Jurassic Park!
I hope the dinosaur suit can squirt venom or smoke,Can you do that?
For a Laser show,In the dark, the eyes glow green?
Our team will help you bring your dream monsters back to life.

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