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install large scale dinosaur onsite-dino park

How to install Large scale Animatronic Dinosaur? On-Site Installation

2 Things
You Should Do To Prepare, Before Starting To Install Large Scale Dinosaur.
ONE- What Will You Receive?
TWO- What You Need To Do?

Dino park on-site installation. (Need Additional Installation Service Fee.)
Our global team of project engineers or application specialists performs the on-site installation. They ensure that the Animatronic Dinosaurs and system is up and running optimally. It is possible to combine the installation with product training to ensure you continue to get the best possible value from your Animatronic Dinosaurs.

Mechanical Design 
The Dinosaur model is convenient to load into the container, and the screw neck and tail is also convenient to disassemble and assemble.
animatronic dinosaur mechanical design
5 Steps
1. Separate the dinosaur from the base Use a crane to lift the dinosaur slightly, pay attention not to let the base leave the ground.
2. Install the head/ tailRemember plug in the connecting wires adaptors. Fasten the screws, Needed a JCB crane to lift it
3. Reverse The Base Direction
4. Find the same mark on the leg support rod pole and the flange then tightly fasten the screws.    E1 to E1   /  I to I
5. Repair the skin.

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