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feathered t rex costume


We received a customize dinosaur suit project from James, who managed a Jurassic Park dinosaur theme show and was also the mastermind of Cosplay events club. In his planning, This walking dinosaur suit should have feathers from head to tail.  He has extensive experience. In future plans, it can also be used as a dinosaur rental business, rented to a person who needs the dino-themed party or a wedding and wants to shock the guests.... so we are going to make A life-like dinosaur puppet with feathers for adults. The dinosaur show for audiences that can be viewed from all four directions. While people get close to see it, such as the texture of the muscle scales and the peculiar reptile's cold eyes, with the roaring "I work a lot ~", Look at the theater, so we try to raise the level of flexibility and realism to the highest level. Of course, we must not forget that it needs to be feathery.
Really a fanatic dinosaur breeder. 
Step 1: Feathered T-Rex Costume  Or Feathered Raptor Costume?
We took a week to find many pictures on Google. In the end, we chose the Tyrannosaurus rex with feathers, and the customer's hobby is very simple because the furry T-Rex will make him full of inspiration.
In general,  our dinosaur performance is for family, or kids, anyone who loves amazement. A realistic dinosaur model is needed for Jurassic theme show, dinosaur skeletons can't give children the opportunity to “touch”. (In most museums, don't touch it.) Through the "watch and feel" two different feelings. This may be a good memory for children, the Dino-ALIVE walking costume gives the thrilling memory to kids. Because it is a two-meter-tall giant monster. 

The most important part, first we think of chicken feathers. After all, it is the descendant of the dinosaur we are most familiar with, but after trying it is not good-looking, because we can not achieve that kind of light feeling when running, then we selected the mane in Beijing Opera. It's this golden pheasant 's feather. Very gorgeous for our new big guy.
As a team that hatches and builds dinosaurs, being handsome may be the only criterion to join us?  also is to our dino guy.

Feathered Dinosaur Is Alive! T-Rex With Feathers Suit. from MCSDINO on Vimeo.


feathered t rex costume


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T.Rex with feathers is one thing but I really don’t think they would be seen dead in denim jeans.


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