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Everything You Need To Know About Buying Dinosaur Ride

The interactive coin-operated dinosaur ride as an amazing amusement park attraction is always a big hit and as a new monster series kiddie ride that can gradually be seen at the shopping mall,resorts or game centers. Exciting your customers had the best adventure at your venues. Parents ride on the back of their favorite dinosaur. Play with their kids will make them felt like kids again, just needs to relax and have some fun! Buying dinosaur rides is a wise business investment choice, low investment for a good return.

1. What are dinosaur rides?
Dinosaur rides are new amusement game rides with realistic dinosaur appearance. They are padded and soft with durable high-density sponges and silicone gel and install the circuit components into the animatronic dinosaur body, with a saddle on its back. and tree trunk ladder place aside the Dino ride. Those above allow kids can become a dino rider on the dinosaur back and have a blast Jurassic adventure experience. Dinosaur rides have varieties series include the motorized dinosaur scootercoin-operated dinosaur swing ridewalking dinosaur ride. Give clients the unique Jurassic experience such as dinosaur walking, swinging, sliding functions through different control ways such as coin-operated or remote control. Adjustable speed and seat belts ensure the safety and comfort of people riding on the dinosaur back.

2. How old do you have to be to become a dinosaur rider?
Children need to meet minimum height 48''(1.2m)or age 3 and above can maneuver and steer the dinosaurs without help. Younger kids would need extra supervision from an older child or caretaker. The trained employees watch to make sure that each child is safely buckled in before the dinosaur ride starts.

3. How to play the dinosaur rides?
The kid sits on the dinosaur game rides, insert coin to start the game. The dinosaurs are strong enough to carry the one adult and one kid.

4. How much should I pay for these dinosaur rides?
MCSDINO offers a flat rate pricing, make it simple for our customers. Project solutions with what you can afford and help you quick start to recover your investment. Shipping charges will depend on your location. Click the bottom right Whatsapp icon contact us get 2019 dinosaur ride catalog.

5. Are the dinosaur rides machines easy to maintain?
Yes, dinosaur rides are fairly simple to maintain. All electronic components(spare parts) are available in our workshop and easily interchangeable. Each time your purchase we will send a repair kit and spare parts including the skin repair and inner mechanical parts. What's more, we offer both product and business training as part of your purchase. We will send you tutorial videoes and manual instructions. And technical support to all our customers 7 days a week. There is no additional fee for our knowledge.

6. What certifications does dinosaur rides hold?
Our rides are tested according to CPSIA standards. We have CE, Rohs, FCC certifications.

7. How long does it usually take to have dinosaur ride location opened?

Normally, the lead time will take 55-70 days(30 days production, 25-40 days delivery) to open a Jurassic adventure location. But the actual time depends on various factors. Our team will try our best to catch up on your projects. Have an idea for a new ride? please contact us:

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