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Raptor costume-mcsdino in CAAPA exhibtion

Dinosaur Costume And Dragon Suit Built By MCSDINO

Have you ever wanted to have an eye-catching full-size dinosaur or dragon costume for your special event? These incredibly detailed costumes are perfect for shopping mall presentations, company expositions, and even sporting venues.


You won't believe the number of stunning effects these mighty beasts are capable of and can be worn as costumes that are both comfortable and highly realistic. If you're looking to attract a crowd, kids and adults will be equally impressed with our outstanding selection of multifunctional dinosaur and dragon costumes. Not only are they lightweight and durable, but these costumes also come with special features including sound, ventilation, and lots more.

These costumes are the perfect addition for any entertainment company that's looking to impress and entertain. Many of the features include fully controllable head and neck movements, jaws that open and close, eyeball blinking, water spitting or smoke, and even realistic fire breathing and smoke effects! More importantly, these walk-around dinosaur and dragon suits weigh 30 to 40 Lbs. total for many of our walk-around costumes!
raptor costume in family party


We offer several styles of walk-around dinosaur costume designs from two-legged to four-legged dinos. They're all designed with very lightweight aluminum steel framing that supports an outer structure mesh that allows the skin to move realistically and naturally. The performers inside these costumes will be able to have excellent ability to see where they are going. Larger dinosaur events will have costumes that obviously need guided helpers or aids.

There are four different styles you can select from with our dinosaur costume collection. Each of these costumes is designed to create a realistic walking effect depending on your preferences.

beauty with raptor costume

• Dino riders

A performer is riding on the top of a two-legged dinosaur, which can be supported by their own legs or standing upon stilts to appear taller. These costumes are excellent for dinosaur events and children's parties. Especially when you want to remain more kid-friendly by showing these prehistoric beasts who's the boss!

dinosaur rider costume

• Walking on stilts

Some dinosaur costumes will require walking on stilts to complete the overall illusion of massive height. Your performer will strap themselves into a walking rig that allows walking legs to attach comfortably onto their own legs. This way, near full-sized dinosaurs, can roam freely across a field or on a show stage.

walk on stilts dragon costume

Walking two-by-two

You've seen the old-fashioned horse costume idea before, so this will require two performers walking in unison. These costumes do require a bit more training on behalf of your performers but can impress large crowds nonetheless. What better way to have a gentle giant like triceratops, ankylosaurus, and stegosaurus joining your next event?

Walking two-by-two elephant costume

Uncovered legs walker

These costumes are designed to allow the hind legs to remain behind the performer in a raptor or walking dinosaur costume. These are best for low-light situations on stage where speed allows your performer the ability to move quickly. These also make a great surprise appearance for haunted houses and themed dino parties!

uncover legs dinosaur walker


When was the last time you wanted to have fire-breathing dragon events entertaining guests at your outdoor or indoor presentation? We have several variants of costumes that combine the same technology as our walk-around dinosaur costumes. With lightning-quick jaw snaps and realistic dragon roars, you'll have no problem finding your fantasy dragon costume here. In case you're wondering, we even have the king of them all -our Nuclear Pulse "Godzilla"!

Each dragon we offer can allow for dragon riders if you want to show an audience how to tame a dragon. Or simple rouge dragon costumes that are perfect for searching for a quick snack. They all weigh the same as our dinosaur costumes, so 30-40 pounds is not going to tire your performers anytime soon. And can come with great built-in smoke and fire effects too. We think you'll love what we can create for you.

dragon costume


No matter what type of dinosaur and dragon events you're planning, we have coloring solutions and customizing extras we can further assist you with. From adding battle armor or machine guns to special riding gear or customized sound effects. We have a solution that is budget-friendly for you. Let us make your dragon events more charming and exciting than ever before, if you need a dragon costume customized even further, we can make it happen.

Contact us today at MCS DINO and ask us how we can make your beastly creation ideas become a reality.

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