T-Rex Costume For Merchant Promotions Events-DCTR620

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T-Rex costume can turn any promotions event into a massive success, Maybe you want to promote your product or store, then look no further as we really do draw a crowd.This dinosaur will always pull in a crowd. this t rex lit up social media and all the shoppers enjoy the Jurassic events.

  • Item: DCTR620
  • Dimension: Approximately 13ft long, 3ft wide, 7ft tall 
  • Suitable for 160 cm to 200 cm Performer
  • Packing Size: L/W/H=2.45m*0.95m*1.1m=2.6m³
  • Weight: Within 22 KGS
  • Materials: Semi-automatic Steel frame device + High-density sponge+Silicone.
  • Lourinhanosaurus Movements: Eyes blinking, head left to right, neck up and down, tail left to right, walking, even running, making alive sound etc……
  • Other optional movements: Water spray, smoke spray, lightning effects etc can be customized for different show needs. 
  • Production time: Basically 25-30 Days. Required extra days as per design.
  • Accessories: Wooden Case for transportation, Charger, Performer Pants, Show Shelf, Skin Repair Kits etc….
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