Show Props Hand Puppet Baby Brachiosaurus-BB008

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Show Props Hand Puppet Baby Brachiosaurus,One Of The Most want to hug the dinosaur puppet! Brachiosaurus' neck is very long, so we think they are live similar like the giraffes. It's definitely one of the dinosaur dolls you cannot miss. This is the best gift for who you love, and who want to organize a fantastic party. As the market the best price.  it has the basic operating functions.

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  • Item: Show Props Hand Puppet Baby Brachiosaurus-BB008
  • Dimension: Length-1 m   Height-0.5 m
  • Packing Size: L/W/H=0.7*0.4*0.32 m³
  • N.W:  3 Kgs
  • G.W:6 kgs
  • Materials:High Density Sponge /Mechanical frame/ 3-4 layers Silicone/ Hand Drawing
  • Sized to fit adults.
  • An exquisite flexible hand puppet made from the cozy material, vivid resembling of dinosaur.
  • Ideal for stage and puppet theater, storytelling, teaching, daycare, pre-school, pretend play, role-playing, presentations, games, parties, and gifts.
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