Giant Locust Insect exhibition-BFL003
Giant Locust Insect exhibition-BFL003 – Mcsdinosaur
Giant Locust Animatronic Insects
Giant Locust Animatronic Insects
Giant Locust Animatronic Insects

Giant Locust Insect exhibition-BFL003

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Giant locust in Insect exhibition, the characteristics of the growth of knowledge of insect specimens and science.1 Giant: usually small and exquisite insects, was enlarged thousands of times, higher than real, bringing visual shock! 2. Dynamic: Part of the body showing dynamic effects, fun! 3. Environment:through the habit of integration into the natural environment, each insect has its own world.

  • Item: Giant Locust Animatronic Insects-BFL003
  • Dimension: Length-1.5 m (Posture Can Be Customized)
  • Materials: Anti-rust Steel Frame +CE Approved Motors+High Density Sponge+3 – 4 Layers of Silicone+Electronic Painting+Furs / Hairs
  • Accessories:  Speaker / Control box / Remote control / Infrared sensor / Integrated metal base / Cables and local plugs / Artificial fiberglass rockery / Installation and maintenance manual
  • Adaptability: Outdoor or indoor, adapt to the temperature of -50°C to 50°C. Waterproof, sunproof, snowproof
  • Control mode: Infrared sensor / Remote control / Coin-operated / Timer system
  • Power: 110/220V 50/60Hz
  • Production time: Basically 30 Days. If customized sculpture or color requires extra days as per design
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