Animatronic Rhino Animal Models For Sale-MAJ002

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The animatronic animal exhibition in the amusement park provides interesting attractions. In the animatronic animal fair, the robotic rhino allows people to see the wild animal models at a close distance. This Java rhinoceros model has unique characteristics, the body is like the armor skin, there are some cuticles like the real rhinoceros appearance, have become a special decoration in the amusement park. The theme of the wildlife will make the whole electronic animal exhibition full of interesting jungle feeling.

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  • Item:Javan Rhino Model For Animatronic Animal Exhibition
  • Scale: 1:1 
  • Product Size: Approximately 13' 2'' L (4.0 m)*
  • Materials: High Density ( ‎≥2.0) Foam+ Rust Prevention Treated Steel+CE motors+Mixed acrylic and silicone paint+3-4 layer waterproofing paint+ Artificial hairs/Real furs
  • Rhino Model Movements: Head up and down/ Mouth open and close with rhino sound/Belly Breathing/Tail sway
  • Production time: Basically 30-35 Days.
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