Adult Realistic Dragon Costume Nadder Suit-DCDR001

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Own adult dragon suit walking with dragon Nadder become a dragon trainer!  According to the animation of the dragon to produce, this dragon suit has a beautiful blue skin, It's indispensable to the realistic cosplay performance of a wonderful dragon stage show. Mcsdino do custom made jobs and unique work.Dragon costume is still looking for a home! Take this suit home and start a dragon battle!

  • Type: Adult Dragon Costume is now hot-sale.  accept customized as per client’s design.
  • Dimension: 4 m -Length, 2 m - Height, 3.8 m- Wingspan
  • Baby Nadder Suit Suitable for 160 cm to 200 cm Performer
  • Weight: Within 25 KGS
  • +Plus $1800 Get Only 21 kgs The lightest costume! and brand new material.
  • Materials: high-quality Metal Framing+Advance Silicon Rubber 
  • Movements: Eyes blinking, head left to right, neck up and down, tail left to right, walking, even running, making alive sound etc……
  • Other optional movements: Water spray, smoke spray, lightning effects etc can be customized for different show needs.
  • Production time: Basically 25-30 Days. If customized sculpture or color requires extra days as per design
  • Accessories: Flight Case for transportation, Charger, Performer Pants, Show Shelf, Skin Repair Kits etc….
  • Suit for: Mens and Womens for Halloween, events show using dragon suit, walking dragon costume, Dragon exhibition Costume,  playground prop, escape room suit, school activities prop, educational event, mall, etc
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