Adult Green Dragon Suit For Sale-DCDR003

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Dragon suit reference myths and legends of the Green Dragon style, we customized the costumes the adult can wear to do dragon performances, walk around to entertain people, to the Comic-Con, to the kids' party. complete your first dragon musical in the theatre. dragon's mouth opens and closes, eyes blink (flutter) and light up bright red, it has a tv camera in its snout and a 6"-7" video monitor inside, as well as a fan. If you watch the video, you can see that she can be pretty agile and can portray many types of movement.
  • Unique Features: With wings  2. Light green skin color 3.Uncover legs costume
  • Dimension: 4 m -Length, 2 m - Height, 3.0  m- Wingspan
  • Fit For Performer:5'~6'5''  tall
  • Packing Size: 10' x 3' x 3'8'' 
  • Weight:48~55 lbs
  • Materials:-Silicone rubber -Stainless steel frame-High density foam-Oil paint 
  • Dragon Movements:-Eyes blinking-Head left to right -Neck up and down -Tail left to right -Walking even running -Making alive dragon sound-Wings flapping
  • Other optional movements:-Spray smoke -Spit water -And more new functions you tell us.
  • Suit for: Halloween costumes, events show using dragon suit, walking dragon costume, Dragon exhibition Costume,  playground prop, escape room suit, school activities prop, educational event, mall, etc


  • Wooden Case for transportation
  • Global charger
  • Performer legging
  • Show Shelf
  • Skin Repair Kits

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