Creative Office Decorating Small Talking Tree Robot-FM003

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Very creative robotic talking tree for office decorating. As a member of the fairy tale world, we use mechanical modeling and programming to make a talking tree, making it act as a messenger in the forest. In a child's fairy tale, the talking tree is kind and full of wisdom. We want to make such a tree robot, let it come to reality.

FM003-Robot creativo de árbol parlante from MCSDINO on Vimeo.

  • Item: Creative Office Decorating Small Talking Tree Robot-FM003
  • Dimension: L-0.6 m  W-0.7 m  H-1.2 m
  • Materials: Anti-rust Steel Frame +CE Approved Motors+High Density Sponge+3 – 4 Layers of Silicone+Electronic Painting+Artificial plants
  • Movements: Mouth Open / Close+Branchs Moving+Eyebrows Moving+Speak in Any Language+Eyes blink+Eyeballs Moving+Nose Moving+Songs / Stories
  • Other optional movements:+Eye Balls Lighting+Spray Smoke / Water+Interactive system+LED Lighting Mouth+Repeat Visitor’s Talking+Reprogramming System
  • Production time: Basically 30 Days. If customized sculpture or color requires extra days as per design
  • SHIPPING NOTICE! SUPPORT GLOBAL SHIPMENTS! All of the goods are not including shipping cost. Please contact customer service to modify the freight price. We will provide the most cost-effective transportation plan for you.
  • After-sales service: 1.24/7 service  2.Warranty period 12 months 3. Lifetime maintenance online guidance and counseling.animatronic acessories

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