Wrangler Ride On T-Rex Stilts Costume Experience Jurassic Riding -DCTR641

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Be a Dinosaur wrangler ride on the back of a T-Rex! This would be the perfect way to give a blast at Halloween. Use this riding stilts dinosaur costume walking around the street. Wearing this adult-sized T-Rex suit, preparing your Dinosaur invasion carnival days. To build a cowboy riding T-Rex seems a crazy idea. This custom-made realistic dinosaur costume was inspired by the Book Dinosaurs of the Wild West illustrated by Shaun Keenan. Our production team liked this story very much. People lived together with dinosaurs. Those tamed dinosaurs help human build a new world. The improved dinosaur riding costume is better in balance, ensuring the safety and operability of the performer. Gripping the end of reins firmly, ride T-Rex fast. In the head and neck movement functions, we designed the tyrannosaurus mouth open can close sync with roaring, and when you raise your T-Rex pet's head also can hear its roar. We made the scale of the Juvenile Tyrannosaurus body and made with fake calves and suitable coverings to bring the perfect visual illusion that people ride the Tyrannosaurus when walking on T-Rex back. As a fearless Jurassic Dino wrangler! Keep your chin up and move forward! And remember to stop the T-Rex by pulling back on the reins!

  • Unique features: 1.  Marroon skin patches patterns 2. Cover legs suit
  • Stilts height: 31''(78 cm)
  • Size: Approx. L-14'10''(4.5 m)/ W-3'(0.9 m)/ H-8'7'' (2.6 m)
  • Suitable for performers:  5' 3'' ~6' 5'' tall (160cm-195 cm)
  • Packing size: 13'x 3'4''x 4'3'' (3m * 0.85m * 1.1m)
  • Weight: 60~64 pounds (28-29 kg)
  • Material: -EPE foam - Stainless steel frame - 3D printed polymer fabric - Mixed acrylic paint
  • Dinosaur movements: - Eyes blinking-  head left to right - Neck up and down - Dino walks with the dinosaur roar.
  • Other optional actions: - More new features, You tell us.  

Accessories include:

  • Transportation crate 
  • Global charger
  • Display shelf
  • Skin repair kit 

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