Realistic Ride On Carnotaurus Costume Dino Rider Stilts Suit-DCCA101

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You have a chance can tame and ride a Carnotaurus. Wearing this Carnotaurus rider stilts costume, you are the wildest prehistorical hunter. This might be your childish dream, you survive in a world with historic beasts fight each other. Cruel predators like Tyrannosaurus roam the island will end you in an instant. And then you tame a Carnotaurus. In MCSDINO we can build any species dinosaurs into Dino rider stilts costume. When you practice your new walking Dinosaur costume, you can manipulate your Carnotaurus costume go through some foot-stomping, your Carnotaurus pet shouting ritual, and then you can ride on it ease walk while getting your smoke or drink some wine. Wearing on a 78'' tall stilts Dinosaur costume is a piece of cake for experienced stilts walkers. If you are a new Dinosaur rider club member, please practice the stilts walk on a flat ground firstly to learn how to maintain the balance. You will ultimately become dominator on your street block in any festival events.


  • Unique features: 1. Refering to the Movie Lost World Carnotaurus skin patterns 2. Cover legs suit
  • Stilts height: 31''(78 cm)
  • Size: Approx. L-14'10''(4.5 m)/ W-3'(0.9 m)/ H-8'7'' (2.6 m)
  • Suitable for performers:  5' 3'' ~6' 5'' tall (160cm-195 cm)
  • Packing size: 13'x 3'4''x 4'3'' (3m * 0.85m * 1.1m)
  • Weight: 60~64 pounds (28-29 kg)
  • Material: -EPE foam - Stainless steel frame - 3D printed polymer fabric - Mixed acrylic paint
  • Dinosaur movements: - Eyes blinking-  head left to right - Neck up and down - Dino walks with the dinosaur roar.
  • Other optional actions: - More new features, You tell us.  

Accessories include:

  • Transportation crate 
  • Global charger
  • Display shelf
  • Skin repair kit 

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