Jurassic World Triceratops Costume Adults-DCTR201

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This Triceratops costume enriched the role of the dinosaur stage show. After the technical revolution, it solved the problem of the imbalance of the overall weight sharing of the Triceratops. The weight of the 75-pound was evenly distributed to the two adult performers. After a period of practice, through two performers cooperated, like a lion dance, so that they can control the movement of the Dino very flexible, simulating the walking of the dinosaurs and the movements of eating.

This adult performance Triceratops costume is perfect for the festive Halloween parade and the Jurassic-themed birthday party. It is very eye-catching in the celebrations. Walking is accompanied by the cheers of the children, everyone likes this gentle dinosaur. In the carnival parade, with the appropriate lighting effects and background sound effects, the live scene of the prehistoric dinosaurs is restored, which has very good entertainment effects. This Triceratops costume is available to hire for all festival events, the spring festival or fall festival. 

  • Unique Features: 1. Two persons wear Triceratops costume 2. Dark brown natural dinosaur skin color 3.Cover legs costume
  • Dimension: Approx. L- 16' 5'' / W- 3' 9'' / H-7' 2''
  • Fit For Performer:2 people wear/ 5'~6' 5'' tall
  • Packing Size: 13' x 3 '4'' x 4' 3''
  • Weight: 75~78 lbs
  • Materials: -EPE Foam -Stainless steel frame-3D Printing Polymer Fabric-Mixed Acrylic Paint
  • Triceratops Movements: -Eyes blinking-Head left to right -Neck up and down -Tail left to right -Walking with Triceratops sound.
  • Other optional movements: -Spray smoke -Spit water -And more new functions you tell us.


  • Wooden Case for transportation
  • Global charger
  • Show Shelf
  • Skin Repair Kits

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