Exclusive Raptor Blue Costume With Bristles Feathers-DCRP717

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Unique Raptor Blue costume with sparse bristles like feathers on the head. This dinosaur suit made by MCSDINO is full of creativity. According to different paleontology restoration sketches and a large number of Jurassic-related film materials, we split the dinosaur's clothing into various elements, so that our clients can clearly understand the price of the dinosaur stage clothes purchased.

The advantage of MCSDINO is to customize your exclusive walking dinosaur clothing, which is different from the industrial dinosaur costume sold on Amazon. We first understand the real Raptor's outline structure, as well as their posture and movement in the movie, they are the light and fast predator. Adjusting the internal mechanical structure of the Raptor costume and the electrical control structure, the overall color is the blue series, dark markings and eye features, making it full of vitality,  dive posture, and upturned tail, making the velociraptor in a very vigilant gesture. The head's bristles fluctuate during walking and running, all for the purpose of making real electronic mechanical dinosaur creature suit.

We value the customer's service events (children's party, Halloween festival, and rental business, ), the problems encountered during the use, the continuous improvement of technology in the design of dinosaur clothing and the addition of interactive product lines, we developed baby dinosaur The hand puppet collection brings lifelike and cute dinosaur babies to the show, enriching the interaction and feedback from the audience.

  • Unique Features: 1.Bristles like feathers on the head  2. Dark striped blue skin 3.Uncover legs costume
  • Dimension:approx. L- 13'5''   / W- 3'9''  / H-.6'9''  
  • Fit For Performer: 5'~6'5''  tall
  • Packing Size:  10' x 3' x 3'8'' 
  • Weight: 38~40 lbs
  • Materials: -EPE Foam -Stainless steel frame-3D Printing Polymer Fabric-Mixed Acrylic Paint
  • Velociraptor Movements: -Eyes blinking-Head left to right -Neck up and down -Tail left to right -Walking even running -Making alive raptor sound
  • Other optional movements: -Spray smoke -Spit water -And more new functions you tell us.


  • Wooden Case for transportation
  • Global charger
  • Performer legging
  • Show Shelf
  • Skin Repair Kits

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