Adult Size Deadly Blue Dragon Costume-DCDR005

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This deadly blue dragon costume is so eye-catching on Halloween. The dragon outfit is designed to have huge fangs in its mouth and sharp thorns on the head. The blood-red eyes staring at his enemies. We use different shades of blue to give the dragon skin a complex scale texture. The dark blue umbrella-shaped dragon wings spread out on both sides of the body. No matter in a comic con fair or a Halloween night, the appearance of the Deadly Nadder brings a lot of fun on any occasion. 

Adult dress up the dragon costume for stage performing. It is very convenient to operate this dinosaur costume through lever machinery. The inside of the dragon suit has a joystick that can control the movement of the puppet's head, eyes, and mouth. The performer shakes the wings of the dragon. You can hear the sound of the dragon, let a realistic blue dragon appear in front of the view. 

  • Unique Features: 1. Deadly Nadder Costume 2. Blue skin color 3.Sharp giant fangs 4. Uncover legs costume
  • Dimension:approx. L- 13 2'' / Wingspan- 11' 6'' / H-7' 2''
  • Fit For Performer:5'~6' 5''  tall
  • Packing Size:  13' x 3 '4'' x 4' 3''
  • Weight: 41~45 lbs
  • Materials: -EPE Foam -Stainless steel frame-3D Printing Polymer Fabric-Mixed Acrylic Paint
  • Dragon Movements: -Eyes blinking-Head left to right -Neck up and down -Tail left to right -Dragon Wings flapping-Walking with dragon sound.
  • Other optional movements: -Spray smoke -Spit water -And more new functions you tell us.
  • Wooden Case for transportation
  • Performer Legging
  • Global charger
  • Show Shelf
  • Skin Repair Kits

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