Ankylosaurus Costume Operated By Two Wearers-DCAN200

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Watch out! Its enemies T-Rex will suddenly appear. This Ankylosaurus costume will bring amazing Jurassic adventure experience for your audience!The completion of Ankylosaurus costume enriches the Jurassic dinosaur costume theme collection. Ankylosaurus show is usually performed in a large arena or theatre. It may also be performed on important occasions such as business grand opening, special celebrations or wedding ceremonies. How to wear this four legs dinosaur costume? The secret is performing like lion dance! This realistic dinosaur costume is normally operated by just two dancers, when they walk the front dancer control the head movements including all dinosaur face functions,shake head and blink eyes,turn around to find some grasses,The back dancer only need to follow the leader' footsteps to complete whole performance.  

  • Unique Features: 1. Two adults wear Ankylosaurus costume 2. Dark brown natural dinosaur skin color 3. Four legs dinosaur costume
  • Dimension: Approx. L- 16' 5''(5 m) / W- 3' 2''(0.95 m) / H-5' 11''(1.8 m)
  • Fit For Performer:2 people wear/ 5'~6' 5'' tall
  • Packing Size: 13' x 3 '4'' x 4' 3''
  • Weight: 75~78 lbs( 34-35 kgs)
  • Materials: -EPE Foam -Stainless steel frame-3D Printing Polymer Fabric-Mixed Acrylic Paint
  • Triceratops Movements: -Eyes blinking-Head left to right -Neck up and down -Tail left to right -Walking with Ankylosaurus sound.
  • Other optional movements: -Spray smoke -Spit water -And more new functions you tell us.
  • Wooden Case for transportation
  • Global charger
  • Show Shelf
  • Skin Repair Kits

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