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In MCSDINO our highly-skilled artists built a range of characters in the last 4 years, from the concept design to finished bespoke animatronic attractions. Scary haunted house animatronic props and fantastic animated creatures from legendary or your spellbinding illusions. Even lifelike humanoid robot for the science museum exhibition.  We offer bespoke special effects for your theatrical events props. Each animated creature has a host of stories and interactions to engage with all ages, making them a hit wherever they go.

42 products found in Bespoke Animatronics

Decorative Animatronic Talking Snowman For Christmas-CUS008
  • $4,200.00
  • $3,570.00
Film Props Robotic Mushroom Alice In Wonderland-CUS007
  • $2,500.00
  • $2,160.00
Animatronic Corpse Flower-CUS006
  • $5,200.00
  • $4,180.00
The Realistic Humanoid Robot-CUS004
  • $17,000.00
  • $10,650.00
CUS003- Robot Dionaea Magical Decoration for sale-Mcsdino-Personalized Products
  • $5,500.00
  • $4,200.00
CUS001-Meet Robot snowman Christmas decoration for sale-Mcsdino-Personalized Products
  • $4,500.00
  • $3,800.00